Organic Gardening (not just) in the Northeast

Organic Gardning

Organic Gardening – Not Just in the Northeast


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Organic Gardening (not just) in the Northeast: A Hands-On Month-by-Month Guide is organized around the calendar year, starting in March and continuing through the year with timely advice. The book is packed with useful information you won’t find elsewhere: how to sharpen your pruners, use a screwdriver to test for compaction in your lawn, and build a welcoming cedar arbor as an entrance to the garden. Learn how to grow ladyslipper orchids or Himalayan blue poppies, prune apple trees, grow giant pumpkins, and even how to start a date palm from a grocery store date or build a small stone igloo to delight the grandchildren. Eccentric, eclectic, and entertaining, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this book has something more for you.


See what other garden writers have said about Henry’s book:

Michael Dirr, author of Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: “The book represents a life well lived, kindness to the earth by treading softly, and a philosophy of sharing its bounty without reservation. This is a classic by which future books on the subject will be measured.”


Paul Tukey, author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual and former editor of People, Places and Plants magazine: “Henry Homeyer’s writing and advice have become an indispensable fabric of the Northeast landscape, as comfortable as your crusted leather boots and gloves, and as reliable as your grandfather’s spade with the old ash handle. This book won’t stay on the shelf; it will reside in the potting shed or on the garden bench. The advice, like the gloves, will be well worn, but it will never wear out.”


Ed Smith, author of The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible: “Organic Gardening (not just) in the Northeast is a delightful book. It’s full of good, solid gardening advice that challenges traditional thinking, and there’s also whimsy. The essays are like potato chips – you can’t read just one at a sitting. If you like to garden, you’ll like this book. If you love to garden, you’ll love it.”


Sydney Eddison, author of many gardening books, including The Gardener’s Palette and Gardening for a Lifetime: “Homeyer has written an honest, enthusiastic, hands-on organic gardener’s delight of a book. The tone is friendly and straightforward, and his stories involve real-life gardeners. He introduces readers to gardening friends as diverse as Tasha Tudor and Ray Magliozzi, and to members of his own family.”



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