Local Vendors

Here are some vendors in the The Upper Valley area, in the region of Hanover NH and White River Junction, Vermont that I like:


Suppliers of Minerals, Seeds and Bulbs, etc.

West Lebanon Supply in old West Lebanon is my first choice for getting all of the above stuff, plus fencing and garden tools. They are not your average feed and grain store. Last year I got some great tomato cages, big sturdy ones were priced right and were tall enough to keep my enthusiastic tomatoes contained. They have limestone, rock phosphate and green sand to go with organic fertilizer. I’ve been real pleased with the deer deterring abilities of their system: little bottles with side holes and cotton on the bottom to absorb the coyote urine they sell to go with them. They also sell an “invisible fence” system to keep your dog off the road and out of the garden. The folks that work there are all very helpful, and their prices are right. Be sure to tell them I sent you! Click here to visit their website, West Lebanon Supply



Cider Hill

Over the years I have gotten most of my perennial flowers from Gary and Sarah Milek at Cider Hill Gardens. They have great plant diversity, and because they grow most of their own nursery stock, I know it is hardy in my area (as opposed to the big suppliers that bring in plants from down South). They specialize in primroses, herbs, hostas and other shade plants, daylilies and roses. Their display gardens are wonderful to visit as you can see mature specimens growing in their gardens – not just plants in rows of pots. Gary and Sarah have terrific knowledge about plants, and are very generous with their knowledge. They use organic techniques, which I think makes for healthier plants, and sell Pro-Gro, my favorite organic fertilizer.Gary is a very gifted artist whose art has been shown from New York City to Cornish Flat and beyond – I hang two of his landscapes over my mantle. He does wonderful paintings of flowers and wildflowers as well. They have a gallery at the gardens.

For more info visit their web site, Cider Hill Gardens.




If you read my newspaper column, you know I am a big fan of local businesses, especially bookstores. The big chains are trying to eat them up, so do your bit to support them. Their sales staff know their books. Here are some of my favorites.

The Norwich Bookstore, on Main Street, Norwich is one of the most pleasant bookstores I have visited. Comfy old stuffed chairs beckon me, and I like to plunk myself down to check out a new book in comfort. Wonderful people work there, and I buy some great cards there to send to my mother.

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