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  • Cobrahead

    This is the best darn weeder made in the country, and I think I've tried them all. I use it to dig weeds, tease out grass roots, and mix soil at planting time. Neither right nor left handed, it is lightweight and strong.
  • West Lebanon Supply

    I buy all of my organic fertilizers and soil amendments at West Lebanon Supply. They carry several lines of seeds, watering devices, tomato cages, landscape fabric and much more. They also sell pet supplies - and allow dogs in the store!
  • E.C. Brown Nursery

    E.C. Brown Nursery has an amazing selection of high quality trees, shrubs and perennials. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Looking for something unusual? E.C. Brown Nursery probably has it.

Sources and Venues

Sources of Shiitake spore plugs

I got my spawn plugs from Mushroom Harvest, P.O. Box 5727. Athens Ohio 45701. George Vaughan, the owner, is very knowledgeable and helpful. Contact him by e-mail at mushroom@frognet.net, or by phone at 740-448-6105. 150 plugs, enough for 3-4 logs, cost $9.00


Hardscrabble Enterprises Inc, P.O. Box 1124, Franklin, W. Va.,26807. Paul Goland, the owner is very helpful, and his prices are the same as above. Contact him by e-mail at hardscrabble@mountain.net, or by phone at 304-358-2921. He sells both the standard spawn plugs and the thimble spawn.



Where to get soil testing done

In New Hampshire you can get three test done at the UNH Analytical Services Lab: a basic test gives you the pH (soil acidity), plus general measurements of phosphorous, magnesium, magnesium and lead, and costs $12. For an extra $5 you can get a reading on the level of organic matter present in your soil, and for $20 more they will tell you about your soil texture (the percentages of sand, silt, and clay). Call 603-862-3210 or your local county Extension Service.


For information on soil testing in Vermont call 802-656-3030, the UVM Extension Testing Lab. A basic test is $10 (pH and minerals), an organic level reading is $2, a measure of heavy metals is $10, micronutrients is $5, and soil texture is $25). They will send you a questionnaire and directions. Back to top




Sources for Organic Soil Amendments

Please tell your supplier you saw this here. Thanks!


Pro-Gro Organic Fertilizer


  • Windsor, Vt. Mrs Margueritte Tewksbury 802-674-2784.
  • Hartland, Vt. Talbot’s Herb and Perennials 802-436-2085
  • West Lebanon, NH. West Lebanon Supply 603-298-8600
  • EC Brown’s Nursery, Thetford, Vt 802-785-2167

Rock phosphate and Green Sand available at all of above except #1


Composted Manure


  • Hartland, Vt. John Madden, 802-295-6907
  • Norwich, Vt Jay Van Arman,802-6491723
  • Pompanoosuc, Vt, Jeff Bogey, Pompy Farms Crushed Stone, 802-649-1092
  • Meriden, NH, Kevin MacNamara, 603-469-3582
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