Henry Homeyer is a life-long organic gardener who has lived in Cornish Flat, NH since 1970 (except for his time in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer and country director).


Henry with Grandkids George & Casey

He writes a weekly gardening column that appears in 12 newspapers around New England, and has written for the New York Times, The Boston Globe and other newspapers. He was the Vermont/New Hampshire associate editor for People, Places and Plants magazine for 10 years (until it went out of business).


Henry teaches organic gardening workshops throughout New England at garden shows, clubs, nurseries, public gardens and other venues.


He is a regular monthly commentator on Vermont Public Radio and is a UNH master Gardener. Henry has taught Sustainable Gardening a Granite State College and Lebanon College, and is excited to be promoting his new children’s book, “Wobar and the Quest for the Magic Calumet”.



A Kind Review of Henry’s New Book, “Wobar and the Quest for the Magic Calumet”


Henry Reads Wobar

Henry Reads Wobar

Henry Homeyer is well known in our little town of Cornish for his expertise in gardening and the books and newspaper columns he writes about gardening are very popular.  When I heard that he had written a chapter book for children, I was intrigued and ordered it for our school library right away. Wobar and the Quest for the Magic Calumet is a delightful read and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened from one chapter to the next!


We were fortunate to have our CCPTO invite him to visit with our students.  Mr. Homeyer now has a huge fan club here at Cornish Elementary School.  The children still talk about his visit and his book is circulating non-stop.  He has a great way of connecting with the students and met with each of our classes in grades 1-8.  Every age group was engaged as he read the first few chapters of his book and left them hanging, wanting to hear more!  Two classes were able to talk him into reading a little bit more.  There were many wonderful aspects to his visit, but the way he shared his commitment to journaling had the students and staff mesmerized and inspired. The students were very interested as he recounted his journaling experience and read excerpts from his own dairies from the 50’s!  He had students write as well, using the illustrations from his book as prompts.  The exchanges between Henry and the students were heartwarming.  They were so excited to have an author reading their work!


Wobar is a wonderfully written story and a perfect read-a-loud.  The characters come to life and their adventures had me cheering them on!  I am finding that both our girls and boys are enjoying this chapter book.  They love Roxie and the boys especially enjoy the connections with the Revolutionary War.  The illustrations add to the story as well, bringing the events of each chapter to life. 


Henry Homeyer’s visit to our school was fabulous.  Don’t hesitate for one moment to bring him to your students.  He will inspire them with his lively discussions, as well as his readings from both Wobar and his own diaries.


Rachel Roper, Cornish Elementary School


About Henry’s Writing Career


To learn about Henry and his writing career, see an interview at the Center for the Book on the NH State Library blog. Upon arriving at the blog’s website, scroll down to the March 19, 2014 entry. Click the back arrow on your browser to return to Henry’s website. Enjoy!


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